The New 9th Hosts South Park Rededication Festivities

Built in 1899, South Park Recreation Center (345 E. 51st Street, LA 90011) is one of the oldest, most historic parks in the City. In its heyday, it was a sprawling oasis in South Los Angeles. A popular place for picnicking under the shade trees or Sunday strolls. Families would gather here to listen to jazz bands at the band shell. Unfortunately, through the years, this community jewel lost its luster.

In 2016, we began the process of bringing the shine back to South Park with the installation of a new synthetic soccer field. That was the first step into what has been a multi-million dollar transformation that includes the restoration of the historic Palm Walkway, new picnic tables and benches, pedestrian walkways, outdoor fitness equipment and other modern amenities!

Come celebrate the park’s resurgence with the entire District 9 community during back-to-back events happening April 27-28

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