3rd Promoting Healthy Manhood

Please join the The Positive Results Corporation (PRC) for our 3rd Promoting Healthy Manhood Conference, Saturday, April 27, 2018, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, at the Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center.


This is a FREE Community Event! Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be served Free of Charge! Community Resource Partners will also be on hand!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month? Every day we hear or see another incident of abuse, and wonder what can we say or do to help? We can all make a difference and be a part of the Solution, but we know Men ARE the Secret Weapon!

PRC believes Men play a major role in preventing and ending abuse. We need your voice and participation to address these issues individually and collectively.

Join a diverse group of Men who speak their truth of the violence and abuse which has affected them as children, teens, partners, husbands and fathers.

We invite men and boys from every sector to have an open, honest and powerful dialogue about the violence and abuse affecting our homes, lives and community. Everyone is welcome!

Our goal is to engage men and boys to increase awareness of inter-personal, dating and domestic violence, and sexual assault, while being proactive in ways to prevent it.

Discussions will include Signs and Triggers; Ways to Deescalate & Prevent Abuse; How to Support & Advocate Against Violence; Wellness In Relationships; Building Financial Empowerment; and Healthy Bodies.

From this event we will create on-going work groups of Men who are interested in becoming Role Models, Public Influencers and Advocates to develop and implement prevention efforts, strategies and activities across their networks.

While it is our intention that Men and Boys are 85% of our attendees, the presence and participation of women are welcome, with the knowledge that it is in this space Men’s voices will be supported, protected and elevated!

Community resources are available throughout the day to meet the on-going needs of the attendees, and a continental breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge to all attendees.

We respectfully invite you to sponsor and participate in our “Promoting Healthy Manhood Conference”. Our sponsor levels and ad space are attached for your review and consideration.

Join our Movement, #MenDoMakeADifference & #ProtectHerSpace to Prevent AND End Sexual Abuse, as well as Dating, Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence Once And For All.


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