Fighting Autism with Ashton Rivers

At my oldest daughter’s college basketball game (GO UCR) and she is KILLIN IT…..but I can only hear the game from outside the gym. Ashton’s Sensory Processing Disorder is causing him extreme anxiety. It’s too many people and too much noise. The echoing of the buzzer is really freaking him out as are the cheers from the crowd. He rarely gets like this but it’s really bad today. We forgot his noise canceling headphones 🎧 which usually offer him relief so Mommy and Ash are outside the gym listening to big sis SCORING ALL THE POINTS. *sigh* this is the part of autism that SUCKS but if sitting outside keeps him calm, I’m all for it. #fightingautism#ashtonrivers

ABOUT Fighting Autism with Ashton Rivers

Ashton’s parents are fighting autism every day and are sharing & documenting his progress, regressions, etc. Hoping to connect with similar families.

Follow their journey at 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its biennial update of autism’s estimated prevalence among the nation’s children, based on an analysis of 2014 medical records and, where available, educational records of 8-year-old children from 11 monitoring sites across the United States.

The new estimate represents a 15 percent increase in prevalence nationally: to 1 in 59 children, from 1 in 68 two years previous.

However, prevalence estimates varied widely between monitoring sites, with significantly higher numbers at sites where researchers had full access to school records. This suggests that the new national numbers reflect a persistent undercount of autism’s true prevalence among the nation’s children.

“These findings demonstrate that while progress has been made on some fronts, there is still much work to do,” says Autism Speaks President and Chief Executive Officer Angela Geiger. “They urgently warrant a significant increase in life-enhancing research and access to high quality services for people with autism across the spectrum and throughout their lifespan.”


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