West Basin Municipal Water District Funds Water Stations at Public Facilities

The West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) Board of Directors announced a
new program to fund water bottle filling stations at public facilities. The pilot program was created to provide community members with more access to safe and reliable tap water to refill their personal, eco-friendly water bottles.
Goals of the program are to promote tap water as a quality source of drinking water; reduce plastic waste through the use of reusable water bottles; and encourage water efficiency education.
“The West Basin Board is pleased to bring about new programs that underscore the District’s commitments to water quality and environmental stewardship,” said West Basin Board President Harold C. Williams. “We encourage our service area public facilities to apply for these newly available funds.”
West Basin is now accepting applications for grants up to $1,000 maximum per eligible applicant.
Applications will be received and reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.
Eligible applicants must be a public facility, such as a school or community center, located in the District service area and meet all criteria specified in the application guidelines. Details about grant eligibility and a funding application are available on the West Basin website.

Please visit to learn more.


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