CNN ‘Hero of the Year’ Says God Chose Him to Help Disabled Children

Christian Community Magazine


CNN has announced their “Hero of the Year”–a man who overcame his own disabilities to answer God’s call to help others with disabilities.

Jeisonn Aristizábal was born with cerebral palsy in a poor area of Colombia. Life seemed to be stacked against him, but Aristizábal, who is now 33, persevered.

“When I was a young boy, a doctor told my mom that I would amount to nothing,” he said.

But through the help and support of his family and his determination, Aristizábal not only overcame his own disabilities, but found purpose in helping others. He went on to become a lawyer and to be involved in humanitarian work.

Aristizábal was honored by CNN for the work he does in providing for the educational and medical needs of children living with disabilities in his home country of Colombia

During “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” on Sunday, Aristizábal was recognized, along…

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