City of Carson’s Homeless Count

Join The City of Carson at the City of Carson’s Homeless Count on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. See you there!


Three Days. Thousands of Volunteers. Everyone Counts. No Matter Where They Live.

All across Los Angeles every January, we embark on a three-day mission to count our homeless neighbors. From these efforts and thanks to our caring communities, we don’t have to accept homelessness as an unsolvable problem.

Last year we conducted the largest homeless census in the nation:

  • 7500+ volunteers
  • 100 percent coverage of the Los Angeles Continuum of Care’s census tracts
  • 5000+ completed demographic surveys


Because of partners like you, we shined a light on the critical issue of homelessness in the region, gleaned valuable data to support programs and funding and created new pathways for collaboration and involvement.

The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count enables us to gather important data that is key for us to bring about an end to homelessness in Los Angeles.

Through the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, we will:

  • Inform the state of homelessness in LA
  • Bring vital community resources
  • Increase engagement bringing together leaders, residents and stakeholders

Learn more at


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