45th Annual South Bay Interfaith Thanksgiving Service


The 45th Annual South Bay Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will be held on November 22 sponsored by the South Coast Interfaith Council (SCIC) and the South Bay interfaith community!

Keynote speaker for this event will be Rabbi Stephen Silver, DD.

Formed in 1972, South Bay Interfaith gathers annually for a Service of Thanksgiving & to promote positive collaboration, conversations and events.

The SCIC is the oldest and largest interfaith council in Southern California.  In 1953 the council was first established as an ecumenical council – meaning that it was an organization comprised of only churches representing the various denominations of the Christian faith.  But in 2004, with a historical vote made by the community, the council changed from ecumenical one to an interfaith council.

We continue, today, to pride ourselves in creating communities of compassion among people of different faith and cultures.

We pride ourselves is creating communities of compassion among people of different faiths and cultures. We do this with a three prongs approach:  Service, Education and Celebration. All our programs fall under these three main categories.

Under SERVICE, we have numerous programs such as:

  • Interfaith Build with Habitat for Humanity
  • Feeding the Homeless
  • Long Beach Religious Leaders Association (LBRLA) Meeting: These monthly gatherings bring religious leaders together on a monthly basis to talk about issues that are facing our society and how we can better serve those in our interfaith communities.
  • CROP Hunger Walks:  Brining people together from the interfaith community to raise money to fight hunger in our local, national and international communities.
  • SCIC Beach Clean Up
  • Cancer Awareness & Prevention Workshops: We have a dynamic Board of Directors that includes clergy, lay people, teachers, professors, chaplains as well as physicians.  They too offer beneficial programs utilizing their background and professions, such as Cancer Awareness & Prevention Workshops.

Learn more at http://www.scinterfaith.org/http://www.scinterfaith.org/


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