Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Health Summit Set for June 24, 2016


The 2016 NHPI Health Summit Planning Committee comprises representatives from more than 30 community-based organizations, churches, health institutions, federal and local government departments, and businesses.

The two-day summit’s mission is to help reduce obesity and related chronic diseases in the NHPI community. We will accomplish this through:

  • Engaging a national collaboration to provide an array of culturally relevant health, nutrition, and fitness information, advocacy training, and community resources for NHPIs and other underserved communities. Practitioners will share best practices that address the alarming rates of childhood and adult obesity and related chronic diseases.
  • Educating the NHPI community about practices and resources for improving and maintaining health and wellness, as well as accessing qualified healthcare professionals and information.
  • Empowering NHPI community members and organizations to build and strengthen connections to healthcare service providers, researchers, academic medical centers, fitness experts, and policymakers to promote best practices and maximize resources.

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