South Los Angeles Saves Event Helps The Community Save Money and Get Out of Debt


SPMG Media talked with South Los Angeles Saves about their event this week.

SPMG MEDIA: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! How did this event start?

SOUTH LA SAVES: This event started because of our mission to help families and individuals save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. This event falls in line with the National Campaign of America Saves Week, the Week is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status. Typically thousands of organizations participate in the Week, reaching millions of people. We wanted to give the people of South Los Angeles those same opportunities.

SPMG MEDIA: What was your vision for this event?

SOUTH LA SAVES: The vision for this event is to provide individuals in the South Los Angeles community with reliable, relevant and up-to-date information on financial awareness. We wanted to do it in such a way that would appeal to the people. Our events are not just, come sit in a room and hear someone talk, our events are extremely engaging, inviting and informative in a non-pressure environment. Participants will definitely learn a lot but not feel like they are sitting in a class room. We are mixing, mingling, and learning.

SPMG MEDIA: You’ve hosted this event several times. Tell us how this one is different from the last?

SOUTH LA SAVES: This event is different this year because we have added 3 additional days. We wanted to appeal to more people and provide more of a variety of topics on top of what we have in previous years. This year we also decided to move around the community a little bit, by having the events in different locations the participants can get a different feel each day.

This event series is more like an experience. Like our South LA Saves logo says “Start Small. Think Big”, we started small and this year is our biggest yet.

SPMG MEDIA: “Take the Pledge” – Tell us about it.

SOUTH LA SAVES: The pledge is such an amazing tool! It really is your own personal sup-port system when it comes to setting and reaching a savings goal. Taking the pledge means you have made a commitment to yourself to save, if its for a Hawaiian vacation, a new car, a home or a new laptop. You decide what you are saving for and approximately once a month the app will send you a text to remind you, motivate you and assess where you are in that savings goal. What I really love about it is that once you reach one goal, you can take the pledge again to start on the next goal. I always encourage people who are just starting out on their financial journey to take the pledge, its a great way to start.

SPMG MEDIA: Finances are such a personal and emotional thing. In your opinion, how do you get individuals to get honest with themselves enough to candidly look at their situation and begin the journey of financial health?

SOUTH LA SAVES: Finances are indeed personal and emotion-al and we respect where everyone is in this journey. It really begins when the individuals commits to themselves and says they are ready. At that point we will work backwards, asking them “what do you want”, “how do you want to live”? Once we get that answer we can begin to make a plan on how they can get there. Being financially literate is a decision each individual has to make on their own, our responsibility is to be there when they say they are ready, and we provide all the tools and resources needed to succeed.

SPMG MEDIA: What can attendees expect to take away from the event – especially from the Conference and Resource Fair? 

SOUTH LA SAVES:  Attendees can expect to be comfortable first and foremost, each event has an inviting environment. Our partners and the people we brought on to help power these events are truly centered in helping people live their best financial life, that was important to us. There will be plenty of useful information that can be implemented right away. Some people might have “ah ha” moments, which we always love to hear about. Attendees can expect all the necessary tools AND support they need to WIN in their financial life. We will also have a good time! The conference is really unique this year. We will have vendors who are looking for qualified candidates to bring on their team and provide viable career options. We have dynamic speakers, one sharing with us how to “Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur” successfully and the other providing some “Insider Secrets” savings strategies. We also have tax professionals on hand doing taxes for free (by appointment only).

Lastly, we have a great program for teens, Bite of Reality. Bite of Reality is a money management simulation for teens to give them a real experience of how life will be when they are on their own. As you can see, we have a packed 4-days of events all in an effort to make sure everyone reaches their 2016 money goals!

SPMG MEDIA: How can our readers learn more about your organization?

SOUTH LA SAVES: You can TAKE THE PLEDGE at: You can find us on Face-book : . Give us a call : 323-682-8085.


This FREE 4-day Financial Literacy and Education Series will begin Wednesday, February 24 – Saturday. February 27, 2016 at various locations throughout South Los Ange-les.

Register at

The event series kicks off Wednesday, February 24th featuring Keynote Speaker Omar McGee, Founder of Executive Prep Academy of Finance. Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance is a Los Angeles based public charter high school with a focus on closing the financial literacy gap within the minority community. Their mission is to provide a high-quality and extensive college-preparatory educational experience to youth that results in our students succeeding in college, and ultimately in their professional careers.

On Thursday, February 25th, a panel of presenters will discuss Personal Budgeting and Financial Empowerment. This session, moderated by Norberta Noguera and hosted by Capital One, will give you the tips, tools and resources to develop and maintain your personal budget and help you reach your financial goals.

Friday, February 26th hosts Starlett Quarles, and Atara King will present “Money, Mortgages and Mojitos Networking Mixer”. This fun and informative affair will examine how we view wealth and the various ways to secure a mortgage in today’s financial climate… while the Mojitos flow!

Saturday, February 27th will wrap with the “3rd Annual South LA Saves Conference and Resource Fair.” Luncheon Speakers include Bert Wright & Shay Olivarria, Kinecta Credit Union and other financial institutions have partnered with South LA Saves and will be offering valuable resources to the community.

“This is our 3rd year bringing this powerful program to the community. I have personally seen the effect these programs are having on individuals and families, and love that we have the opportunity to expand it this year” says Rashunda Rene, Director at South LA Saves

We thank our Event Sponsors: Capital One, Kinecta Credit Union, Boston Private Community Investments, Quartermain Media, New York Life, Golden Women Foundation, The Dialogue with Starlett Quarles, Bigger Than Your Block, Farmers Insurance, West Angeles Community Development Corporation, Prime National Credit Repair, TulaTax, Mmm Mmm Catering and SPMG Media.

WHO: South LA Saves

WHAT: South LA Saves 4-Day Financial Literacy & Education Series

WHEN: Wednesday, February 24th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Thursday, February 25th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Friday, February 26th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday, February 27th, 9:00am – 2:00pm

WHERE: Various Locations (See Event Registration for more information)

South LA Saves FACEBOOK:

Committed To Uplifting Single Parents (C.U.S.P.) FACEBOOK:


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