The 41st Luncheon for the 10th Council District Women’s Steering Committee


Jacqueline Nunn – “The 41st Luncheon for the 10th Council District Women’s Steering Committee. It was really a wonderful event and program; and so very well attended by our friends, associates and community members.. Everyone was just outstanding.

Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray, Keystone Speaker, Deborah Flint. Honoree’s: Nolan Rollins, Pamela Bakewell, Theresa Price, Karla Gordy Bristol and of course, our outstanding M.C. Cora-Jackson Fossett who just kept everything moving right along. Entertainment was provided by Elaine Gibbs/NuSoul. There was a full house, we had to set up more tables.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our sponsors, The Berry Gordy Family Foundation, LA Sentinel, Infiniti of Beverly Hills, EastWest Bank, LAX Airport, Denny’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, NAACP, The National College Resources Foundation, Proud Bird, SEIU Local 721 and the Los Angeles Urban League.

Thank you to our political leaders who supported us with congratulatory letters Herb J. Wesson, Jr, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Karen Bass, Curren D. Price, Jr., Holly Mitchell, Special thanks to David S. Cummings III, Jr. for swearing in the new 2016 officers in his chamber on Friday, January 15, 2016. We were honored and privileged to be sworn in my the son of one of our founders David S. Cunningham, Jr. It was truly my pleasure to reach out these “Outstanding Leaders” to be honored and recognized by the 10th District Community. West Adams Historical District, Kenny Heights, Lafayette Park, Wellington Square, Jefferson Park etc. A community that is on the move.

As my Pastor would say, “We Love you and there is nothing that you can do about it”. Stay tune for our Installation Luncheon next year 2017 and our 32nd annual scholarship luncheon in June 2016. Next year promises to be Bigger & Better! Here are few pictures.”

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