The EXECUTIVE SUPPORT NETWORK Host First in the Series of 6 Capacity Building Workshops

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Saturday was the first in the series of 6 Capacity Building workshops hosted by Executive Support Network. This workshop focused on Board Development and was Facilitated by Dr. Chris Hickey.

The EXECUTIVE SUPPORT NETWORK will be hosting a series of 6 quarterly Capacity Building Workshops – There are currently 5 left. Each workshop is $25 per person ($125 total for 5 Workshops)

These workshops focus on teaching, skills-transference, supporting, leadership development, resources, and coaching, to ensure that you have the capabilities, knowledge and resources needed to successfully fulfill your mission. By enhancing the efficiency of those who lead, manage, and support nonprofits, the ultimate end result is improved service delivery to those in need, as well as increased funding opportunities.

Workshops are:
Fiscal Management
Strategic Planning
Staff Development
Social Media

Workshops are limited to 12-15 nonprofits with a life span of 5 years or less.
Continental breakfast…

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